Analysis of Liquid Coil and Waterborne Polyurethane Formulation

This article discusses the definitions, inspection standards, and formulas of liquid coils and waterborne polyurethanes that appear in large quantities on the market.
Name definition: These two products are one-component waterproof coatings for opening and brushing produced by emulsion or emulsified asphalt plus emulsion with powder and additives. As for the name of the finished product, it depends entirely on your preference, because there are no testing standards for these two materials in national standards and industry standards.
Testing standard: The general reference to JC/T408-2005 test for adding emulsified asphalt in raw materials, and the general reference to JC/T864-2008 test for raw materials without emulsified asphalt. These two tests should not be confused, because it is difficult for products with emulsified asphalt to exceed the strength of 1.0MPa in JC/T864, and it is also difficult for products without emulsified asphalt to exceed the strength of 600% in JC/T408. Of course, except for emulsified asphalt mixed with neoprene latex, this kind of product is mainly used for waterproofing of roads and bridges. Refer to JC/T975 for testing. This product is mainly used in large-scale national projects, with high cost and good quality. The forum is mainly for civilian use. , will not be discussed here.

Formulation analysis:

1 Emulsified asphalt, this type of product is mainly produced by emulsified asphalt mixed with emulsion and powder additives. The performance of asphalt is hard in winter and soft in summer, so it must be equipped with emulsion to change this performance of asphalt, so that asphalt does not crack in winter and does not stick in summer. Asphalt types generally choose anion and emulsified asphalt with a solid content of more than 50%, because the anionic emulsified asphalt has good stability, and the asphalt grade should be selected above 70 as much as possible, but this is more difficult, because most manufacturers do not have asphalt testing equipment. Judge the quality of asphalt by the performance of your own finished products. The choice of emulsion, the emulsion generally chooses non-ionic acrylic emulsion. The purpose of choosing non-ionic is to make the emulsion and emulsified asphalt coexist in an environment with better stability. 400-mesh heavy calcium is selected as the filler, and the main purpose of adding the filler is to increase the solid content of the product, reduce the finished product, and increase the thickness of a single coating film. The last is the additives, which are mainly used to improve the storage stability and construction performance of the product.
Basic formula: emulsion 300, emulsified asphalt 300, heavy calcium 300, water 100, additives.

2. Emulsion products, this kind of products are called colored polyurethane in the market more, adding black can also be called liquid coil, adjustable color, and asphalt products are all black and cannot be adjusted. In fact, this type of product has nothing to do with polyurethane. They are all produced with acrylic emulsion, which is essentially a non-standard product of JC/T864. When choosing a suitable emulsion, the most important consideration here is the water resistance of the emulsion. This type of product is most likely to appear The biggest problem is that the water resistance is poor, and it is soaked during the closed water test. The second is to look at the wrapping performance of the emulsion on the powder. Generally speaking, it is the same amount of emulsion. See which emulsion manufacturer can add more powder to the emulsion instead of Cracks can also maintain a certain degree of elasticity. This is mainly to ensure the solid content, the thickness of the brush once during the construction process and the construction area of the same quantity of products.
Basic formula: emulsion 300, heavy calcium 550, water 150, additives.
There is no one-size-fits-all recipe, experiment a lot to find the best solution for you. Throwing bricks to attract jade, welcome to the great gods to make bricks, if you have any questions, you can chat in private messages.

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