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China HPMC Market Analysis

Jinzhou is one of the largest HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) production bases in China. The following is an analysis of the HPMC market in Jinzhou, China:

1. Market position: Jinzhou is the largest HPMC production base in China and plays an important role in the Chinese market. There are many HPMC manufacturers in this region, with uneven product quality, competitive price and high supply capacity.

2. Market conditions: The main production base of HPMC cellulose in China is in Jinzhou, Hebei. In recent years, due to environmental reasons, many factories have moved out of Jinju. The sluggish demand in China’s construction industry has led to a large backlog of HPMC stocks, and HPMC factories have stopped production for maintenance. The price of HPMC has dropped to the lowest in history, and the profits of HPMC factories are also very low, and they can only barely maintain operations. If this market continues, HPMC factories may face a reshuffle.

3. Market size: The HPMC market in Jinju is huge and will show a downward trend in 2023. This is mainly attributed to the shrinking real estate industry, and the construction industry is the main application area of HPMC.

4. Demand in the construction industry: HPMC is widely used in cement mortar, tile adhesive, external wall insulation system, etc. in the construction industry. With the downturn in China’s construction industry, the demand for HPMC will continue to decline. As a result, many factories have transferred HPMC to export.

5. Quality and technology: HPMC manufacturers in Jinju have competitive advantages in product quality and technology research and development. They focus on product compounding, reliability and product application compliance to meet customer needs.

6. Market competition: Jinzhou HPMC market is highly competitive, and there are many HPMC manufacturers competing in this area. The demand for HPMC is declining, the inventory pressure is high, and the factory is barely surviving.

7. Innovation and application expansion: As the demand for HPMC in China’s construction industry declines, HPMC producers in Jinju continue to expand overseas markets. They are committed to developing new HPMC products that meet the needs of the international market and looking for new application fields.

In general, the HPMC market in Jinju has good development prospects. With the continuous growth of the international construction industry and the diversification of demand, HPMC producers in Jinju will face more export opportunities and challenges. Maintaining product quality and technological innovation, and actively adapting to changes in market demand will help us succeed in the highly competitive international market.

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