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Effect of calcium formate on tile adhesive

  1. The action principle of calcium formate: accelerate the cement hydration reaction, increase the growth of ettringite, and improve the early strength of cement products. The strength of tile adhesive C1 can be added to 5~10kg, and the strength of C2 can be added to 10kg. Calcium formate also has anti-corrosion effect, and it is safe and non-toxic when used in tile adhesives.
  2. Calcium formate is mainly for early strength; it will also significantly improve the adhesion and cohesion, so in tile adhesives, it is still possible to use calcium formate reasonably, the cost performance is relatively good, and calcium formate is cheap
  3. Tile adhesive construction in winter; calcium formate is generally recommended to work best when the temperature is low in winter. Its function is to speed up the solidification of tile adhesive/prevent the mortar from freezing before it condenses. And improve the strength of tile adhesive
  4. Early strength agent: The tile adhesive with calcium formate has obvious early strength within 3 days, especially when the temperature is within 0°C–10°C, the strength of the tile adhesive increases by more than 170%.

Summary: Calcium formate can enhance the adhesion and strength of tile adhesive, and calcium formate will speed up the setting time of tile adhesive.

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