A Simple Detection Method for Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

HPMC uses refined cotton as the main raw material. It has good performance, high price and good alkali resistance. It is suitable for ordinary water-resistant putty and polymer mortar made of cement, lime calcium and other strong alkaline materials. The viscosity range is 40,000-200000S. The following are several methods for testing the quality of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose summarized by Xiaobian for you. Come and learn with Xiaobian~

1. Whiteness:

Of course, the decisive factor in determining the quality of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose cannot be just whiteness. Some manufacturers will add whitening agents in the production process, in this case the quality cannot be judged, but the whiteness of high-quality hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is really good.

2. Fineness:

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose usually has a fineness of 80 mesh, 100 mesh and 120 mesh. The fineness of the particles is very fine, and the solubility and water retention are also good. This is a high-quality hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

3. Light transmittance:

Put hydroxypropyl methylcellulose into water and dissolve it in water for a period of time to check the viscosity and transparency. After the gel is formed, check its light transmittance, the better the light transmittance, the higher the insoluble matter and purity.

4. Specific gravity:

The larger the specific gravity, the better, because the heavier the specific gravity, the higher the content of hydroxypropyl methyl in it, the better the water retention.

5. Fire:
Although there is no scientific basis for this method, you can probably see the quality of HPMC with your eyes. Take 2 grams of cellulose and place it on the ceramic floor or smooth ground. Then light it with fire. After burning, look at the residue. Picture 1 and picture 2 can be easily

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Combustion state of pure HPMC
Combustion state of pure HPMC

distinguishedstate of pure HPMC

adulterated compounded hpmc
adulterated compounded hpmc

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