Masonry Mortar

hpmc for masonry and plastering mortar

Masonry and plastering mortar are the most important components of the commercialization of building materials, and cellulose ether plays a vital role. A good mortar should have good workability, smooth application and non-stick knife, enough operating time, and easy leveling; in today’s mechanized construction, the mortar should also have good pumpability to avoid mortar stratification , The possibility of pipe blockage. The hardened mortar should have excellent strength properties and surface appearance, suitable compressive strength, good durability, no hollowing, and no cracking.

The water retention performance of cellulose ether reduces the moisture absorbed by the porous substrate and promotes better hydration of the gel material. In large-area construction, it can greatly reduce the probability of early mortar drying and cracking and improve the bonding strength; its thickening ability It can improve the wetting ability of wet mortar to the base surface; cellulose ether stabilizes the wet mortar, reduces or avoids delamination and bleeding, improves the lubricity and rheology of the mortar, reduces resistance, and increases pumpability sex, reducing the labor intensity. The improved cellulose ether provides the indispensable anti-sag properties when applying thick mortar, which can reduce construction time and reduce waste.

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