Masonry Mortar Formula

Masonry Mortar Formula

Masonry mortar is a type of building material that is used to bind bricks or other masonry units together in construction. The formulation of masonry mortar can vary depending on the specific application and the desired properties, but a basic formula typically includes the following ingredients:

  1. Portland cement: This is the primary binding agent in masonry mortar, and is typically used in combination with lime.
  2. Lime: This is added to the mortar to improve its workability and to help prevent cracking.
  3. Sand: This is the primary filler material in masonry mortar, and helps to give the mortar its bulk and strength.
  4. Water: This is added to the mortar to help activate the cement and to make the mixture workable.

The proportions of these ingredients can vary depending on the specific application and the desired properties of the mortar. Generally, a basic formula for masonry mortar is:

This is the block mortar formula and plastering mortar formula used in our current projects in China. I don’t know if it can adapt to your local market.
Block mortar compressive strength M5 bulk density 1800 water retention rate 90%
•Portland Cement Type 425 130kg
•Fly ash 45 kg
•Fine sand 645 kg
•Coarse sand 180 kg
HPMC 160g
•Air-entraining agent 100 grams
•200g wood fiber
The main difference between plastering mortar and masonry mortar is that the thickness of the sand can be adjusted.
Due to environmental reasons, our Chinese market now uses machine-made sand, and the use of river sand is strictly prohibited. Of course, the effect of using river sand will be better. Of course, the greater the soil content of the sand, the strength will also be affected.
If you have any questions that you don’t understand, you can consult us at any time. we will be happy

These proportions can be adjusted depending on factors such as the strength required, the climate conditions, and the type of masonry units being used. Other ingredients, such as plasticizers, pigments, and pozzolanic materials, may also be added to the mortar to enhance its performance.

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