Quick repair mortar formula for cement pavement

Here’s a simple quick fix mortar recipe for cement pavements:

Use ordinary Portland cement and add some double-fast cement (fast-hardening sulfoaluminate cement) to adjust the setting time. The difficulty of this construction is that the interface treatment must be in place


• Ordinary 425 cement: 150KG
• Shuangkuai cement: 160KG
• Coarse sand: 500KG
• Medium sand: 150KG
• Concrete expansion agent: 10KG
• Hemihydrate gypsum: 20KG
• Water reducer: 2.5 KG
• Rubber powder: 8KG
• Lithium carbonate: adjust setting time
• Defoamer: 0.5KG

Please note that the above formulas are more recognized in the Chinese market, and we can also adjust the formulas for you according to the local market. The specific formula should be adjusted according to actual needs and material properties. Before doing any repair work, it is important to ensure that the pavement surface is clean and level to ensure that the mortar can adhere and hold firmly to the pavement.

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