Self-leveling mortar formula

Self-leveling mortar formula

Self-leveling mortar is a material that spreads and levels evenly on a surface without the need for additional spreading or smoothing techniques. It is commonly used as a flooring material, especially in areas where a perfectly level surface is required, such as commercial or industrial settings.

Self-leveling mortars are a good choice for floor installations because they provide a smooth and level surface, which is important for the performance and longevity of the floor. However, they do require some skill to apply properly, and it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a successful installation.

The formula of self-leveling mortar can be adjusted according to specific construction requirements and material selection, the following is a basic formula for reference: we can adjust the formula according to your local market at any time.


• 425 cement: 200KG
• High alumina cement: 100KG
• Gypsum: 50KG
• Heavy calcium: 200KG
• 70-140 sand: 450KG
400 viscosity HPMC: 1KG
• Water reducer: 0.5KG
• Lithium carbonate: 0.3KG
• Tartaric acid: 0.7KG
• Sodium gluconate: 0.6KG
• Defoamer: 1KG
• RDP: 12KG


  1. When stirring, ensure that the ingredients are evenly mixed to avoid lumps.
  2. The fluidity of the self-leveling mortar mixture needs to be adjusted according to the specific construction requirements.
  3. Pay attention to the thickness and uniformity of the material during application to avoid uneven or wavy surfaces.

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