HPMC for detergent

What is Instant Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

Instant HPMC is mainly used in detergents, daily chemical chan

Instant HPMC mainly has good dispersion performance, followed by slow dissolution time;

When the instant HPMC powder is poured into water, the HPMC powder can be slowly dispersed to every corner of the water. Then stir evenly. At this time, only HPMC is dispersed in water, not dissolved. After 5-30 minutes, the viscosity will start slowly and this is the real dissolution. Put HPMC into water and stop stirring when the viscosity of the aqueous solution starts to increase slightly. The production of instant HPMC is to add glyoxal, and the HPMC viscosity start time depends on how much glyoxal is added. On the other hand, the dispersion performance is measured by the dissolution time and the addition of glyoxal, the potential of hydrogen and water Temperature also affects HPMC viscosity onset time.

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