RDP film formation

What kind of RDP is used for tile adhesive

RDP stands for Redispersible Polymer Powder and is commonly used as an additive in tile adhesive formulations. RDP is a water soluble polymer powder produced by spray drying various polymers and additives in a controlled process.

The specific RDP type used in a tile adhesive will depend on the exact formulation of the adhesive, as different RDPs have different properties and are suitable for different applications.

To distinguish the quality of RDP: (only applicable to redispersible polymer powder)
1 To dissolve, take a certain amount of RDP and dissolve it in 5 times the mass of water, stir it well and let it stand for 5 minutes before observing. In principle, the less content that settles to the bottom layer, the better the quality of RDP.
2. For film formation, take a certain quality of RDP, dissolve it in 2 times the amount of water, stir well, let it stand for 2 minutes, stir well again, pour the solution on a piece of clean glass laid flat, and place the glass in a ventilated and shaded place. After it is fully dry, slowly remove it from the smooth glass. Observe the peeled polymer film. High transparency and good quality. Then pull it moderately, the elasticity is good and the quality is good. Then cut the film into strips, soak it in water, and observe after 1 day, the quality of the less dissolved by water is better.
3 Ash content, take a certain amount of rubber powder, put it in a metal container after weighing, heat up to about 500 degrees, after burning at 500 degrees, cool to room temperature, and weigh again. light weight good quality

Typically, RDP is used in tile adhesive formulations to improve the adhesive’s bond strength, water resistance, flexibility, and processability.

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