Question 1 In general, what are the characteristics of mosaics? How to choose tile adhesive reasonably to ensure the safety of pasting?

What should be paid attention to in outdoor construction of tile adhesive

Question 1 What should be paid attention to in outdoor tile construction in summer?
Answer: Pay attention to the work of sunshade and rain protection. In the environment of high temperature and strong wind, the airing time will be greatly shortened. The area of ​​scraping porcelain adhesive should not be too large, so as to prevent the slurry from drying out due to untimely paste, resulting in voids. drum.
Note: 1) Matching material selection; 2) Avoid noon time; 3) Shade; 4) Stir a small amount and use as soon as possible.
Question 2 How to ensure the flatness of the large area of the base of the brick exterior wall?
Answer: The flatness of the base surface must meet the requirements of construction flatness. If the flatness of a large area is very poor, it needs to be leveled again. If the small area has protrusions, it needs to be leveled in advance. If the small area is depressed, it can be leveled with adhesive in advance.
Question 3 What are the requirements for a qualified base surface for outdoor construction?
Answer: The basic requirements are: 1) The strength of the base surface is required to be firm; 2) The flatness of the base layer is within the standard range.
Question 4 How to ensure the flatness of the large surface after the exterior wall is tiled?
Answer: 1) The base layer first needs to be flat; 2) Wall bricks should meet the requirements of the national standard, with uniform thickness and smooth brick surface;
3) The construction of the adhesive for paving tiles needs to be standardized, and the uniform thickness of the adhesive is the key to achieving the flatness of the large surface after paving.
Important factors; 4) It is also necessary to mark the horizontality and verticality by pulling the wire in advance.
Question 5 In outdoor construction, how to prevent the facing bricks from falling off due to construction?
Answer: 1) Choose bonding materials from professional manufacturers and suitable varieties; 2) Treat the base layer and the back of facing bricks as required; 3) Carefully paste the construction in accordance with relevant technical specifications; 4) Reserve brick joints ≥ 5mm; 5) Choose suitable varieties 4) Carry out caulking construction as required; 6) Protect well during the maintenance period after construction; 7) The temperature of the construction environment meets the requirements of the material manufacturer’s instructions.
Question 6 Which construction technology should be used for ordinary tiles on external thermal insulation walls?
Answer: The “combination method” should be used for construction.
Question 7 How to properly set up and correctly handle brick joints and expansion joints?
Answer: 1) Joints must be left on the external wall adhesive tiles, and the width of the joints should not be less than 5mm. For large-size facing bricks, larger brick joints need to be reserved; indoor joints also need to be reserved, and the width of the joints should not be less than 3mm. 2) Whether it is outdoor or indoor, it is necessary to reserve expansion joints. Generally, expansion joints should be reserved every 4~6m outdoors, and the width of the expansion joints should not be less than 8mm. Indoor general8~10m need to set expansion joints, and the width of expansion joints should not be less than 6mm. Expansion joint widths vary by face stock size. Expansion joints are treated with flexible sealing materials. 3) Cement-based joint sealants are generally used, and the corresponding flexible joint sealants are determined according to various factors in the application; 4) Where anti-fouling and chemical resistance properties are required, epoxy resin and other joint sealants should be used; 5) Expansion joints need to be reserved all the way to the tile surface.

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